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to HealdsburgMenus.com - your Healdsburg restaurant and dining guide. Here you can learn more about Healdsburg restaurants, wineries and markets and make up lists of your favorite places to share with your friends.


Healdsburg is a magical place where the confluence of climate, soil and geography provide ideal conditions for local farmers to grow food through all seasons and for local vineyards to produce the grapes that become world class wines. Healdsburg restaurants bring them together to create a unique dining experience.


So, start by clicking on a cuisine type on your left, or check out the Guide Me feature that will help narrow the choice! If it's Healdsburg wineries that you are after, the Guide Me feature under Wine By Day will help you find the wineries with the type of wine and the amenities you want.




This Month in the Vineyard

The frenzy of the crush has passed. Winemakers allowed the juice a preliminary fermentation (usually in stainless steel tanks), then pressed the juice to ready it for the next phase of fermentation. At most wineries, the new wine is continuing it's fermentation in stainless steel tanks and barrels.

As the end of the year approaches, the vines will completely lose their leaves. This is a period of rest for the winemakers, the vineyard workers and the vines. The vineyards will be seeded with cover crops to nourish the soil and control erosion. Soon a carpet of legumes, mustard and oats will sprout under the bare vines.

December brings shorter days, longer nights and rain. Both day and night temperatures are cooler with average lows of 38 degrees and average daytime highs of 57 degrees. December is historically the second wettest month of the year with an average of 7.5 inches of rain over the course of the month.

With the winter holidays, many area wineries have decorated for the season with lights and glitter. December is a great month to see the beautiful winter vineyards and enjoy the season with some of Healdsburg’s many wineries.


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